Merriman´s Cocktails

  • MERRIMAN'S MAI TAI     14Old Lahaina Light and Dark Rums, Lime, Macadamia Nut Orgeat, Curaçao, Honey-Lilikoi Foam.
  • MOBEETO     14Mint, Basil, and Lavender from our garden, Vodka, Light Rum, and a hint of Honopua Farms beets for color.
  • GINGER MARTINI     14Fresh ginger infused simple syrup shaken with vodka and served “Up”.
  • LILIKOI MARGARITA     14Tropical Dreams Passion Fruit Sorbet, Cabrito Blanco Tequila, Li Hing Mui rim, “Up” or “On The Rocks”.
  • NO KA OI     14Ocean Vodka, Thai basil, Honey-Lilikoi Puree.
  • DA KU REE     14Kuleana Huihui Rum, Il Convento Limoncello, Lime, Calamansi
  • SHE'S SO MANHATTAN     14Old Forester Bourbon Manhattan made With organic red shiso and herb infused Vermouth. The recipe for this infusion changes with the seasons but we never add sugar or bitters. Herbal cheers to thee.
  • MERRIMAN'S BARREL AGED "252" NEGRONI     17209 Gin, Put e Mes Vermouth/Amaro, Campari and a hint of Licor 43, aged in an oak barrel until deliciously mellow. No garnish because we like its purity. Served neat, but feel free to specify “On The Rocks” or “Up”.